Lin Translation Services in Shenzhen China 深圳林生英语翻译服务
About Me
My name is Tide Lin, I am 30 year old, 178cm tall, born in Shantou China.

My education background:
I graduated from my hometown university with a bachelor's degree in engineering, my high school and university are both famous in Guangdong province, I worked very hard in schools.

My working experience:
I worked in multiple foreign companies in Shantou and Shenzhen for a few years, 1 year as a technician, 2 years as an inspector, and a few years as an technical support engineer, and a few month as an oversea saleman. Since 2007, I have been a freelance translator to help both foreign business people and local Chinese people, providing the services that I mention on this website.

My languages:
My mother tongue is Mandarin, and I also speak the local dialect Teochew and Cantonese. Because I worked hard in learning English when I was a student and I worked with foreign colleagues after graduation, I can speak English fluently.

My hobbies:
I like to play basketball and Pingpong, I also like to play Chinese chess and watch American movies.
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