Lin Translation Services in Shenzhen China 深圳林生英语翻译服务
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Hire a local translator who is experienced in international trade and electronics.
I recently returned from a trip to Shenzhen where I used Tide as a translator and business guide.   His website describes his service as 3 T’s: Translation, Trade and Technology.  I must say that I fully used all of his service during my short trip to visit and qualify multiple vendors throughout the city of Shenzhen. Before my trip Tide used his website and local calls to put me in direct contact with multiple vendors that could provide the service I needed.  This allowed me to do a “first cut” of the vendors and pre-qualify the ones I intended to audit.  During my visit Tide was very conscious of the value of time and worked very hard to minimize traveling delays and maximize the available time in technical meetings.  He is very familiar with the city of Shenzhen and its outlying districts.  This knowledge helped us schedule consecutive meetings that were near each other in the city. His English skills are AAA and his understanding and ability to translate technical issues were very good.  He is well versed in Quality Control issues and terminology and was very helpful when discussing QC systems with the vendors.  I have no hesitation in recommending Tide as a translator and guide for your next trip to Shenzhen.

David A. Uhen

Uhen Instruments Inc.