English to Chinese translator in Shenzhen China.
This is Tide Lin,  a freelance translator since 2007, providing you English to Chinese translating and interpreting services in Shenzhen China, and I am specialized in mechanical and electrical engineering for the international people who come to do business with China.

In addition, if you are going to do business in China, I can help you with online sourcing and marketing before you come, I represent you to verify your suppliers or manufacturers in Shenzhen and inspect the products before shipping, or I go visit your customers in China on your behalf.


Lin Translation Services in Shenzhen China 深圳林生英语翻译服务
I got paid through Paypal and I charge you for the time I spend. If you have some good projects that I are interested in, I would like to work for you consistently from the begining to the end, and you can pay me by commission.

If you want to do business with China, all you need is a translator who knows your business, you don't need to pay so much for a trading company or translation agency. If  I am not the right one you are looking for, I would like to help you find the right translator, just let me know your requirements, many friends of mine are translators as well.
A freelance translator in Shenzhen China
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Hire a local translator who is experienced in international trade and electronics.